Sophisticated Counsel For Wills And Estates

The attorneys of Snyder & Snyder bring solid credentials to estate planning and asset protection challenges. In addition to basic testamentary planning, we provide the advanced strategies that our high net worth clients require to shield assets from threats and achieve specific goals. We are able to harness the extensive tax acumen of our lawyers to maximize the portion of our client's estate that may be transferred to their beneficiaries free of the burdens of estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Solutions

Our clients include physicians and other professionals, business owners and executives, professional athletes and others with high incomes and complex estates, including international investments. We also represent wage earners from all walks of life who have accumulated significant retirement savings or who recognize the value of "doing things right" in their working years.

In addition to Plano and the Dallas area, we counsel clients throughout Texas and the United States who seek creative and integrated solutions for their estate-related matters:

  • Estate planning and elder law — Wills, powers of attorney, guardianship declarations, directives to physicians and other essential considerations
  • Succession planning and estate tax planning — Marital bypass trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, family limited partnerships, other methods of preserving family wealth
  • Asset protection strategies — Life insurance trusts, offshore trusts and other vehicles for managing wealth and protecting those assets from creditors, litigation and other threats
  • Estate administration services — Assistance to executors and trustees for efficient and orderly disposition of probate and estate matters, including tax returns and accountings

Game Planning Your Life And Legacy

Given our broad-based tax backgrounds, our clients dramatically benefit from our expertise in the most advanced and aggressive wealth transfer and tax avoidance techniques. Our forward-looking estate planning has had a profound and positive impact on the ability of our clients to turn their personal fortunes into multi-generational wealth.

We understand that each client is different in the aggressiveness with which they are willing to undertake estate tax planning and asset preservation. Snyder & Snyder will match the approach to your risk tolerance and your specific estate planning needs. While the degree of aggressiveness will vary, the common thread in the representation of all of our estate planning clients is the importance we place on measures that are strategic and justifiable under the current tax and succession laws.

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