Probate, Estate And Trust Administration

The administration of a large estate or trust requires significantly more legal, tax, investment and accounting knowledge than the average executor or trustee possesses. In fact, many attorneys are not equipped to handle complex estates, especially those involving assets in other jurisdictions or legal challenges to the will.

Snyder & Snyder is regularly retained by executors, trustees and other fiduciaries to perform extensive work in the administration of trusts and estates. Based in Plano, Texas, we handle probate and estate matters in the Dallas area and statewide.

Settling Your Parents' Texas Estate?
We welcome inquiries from out-of-state executors appointed to administer Texas estates and trusts. Communicating via phone and email, our firm can perform most duties on your behalf with minimal travel on your part.

Full-Service Administration For Complex Estates

Our attorneys are well-versed in the Texas probate and estate law, including independent administration, dependent administration, small estate affidavits, declaration of heirship and muniment of title. We are most commonly hired to sort out high net worth estates with out-of-state and international holdings, business and real estate interests, mineral rights, back taxes, prenuptial agreements and other complicating factors.

We can advise clients or fully assume the duties of collecting, liquidating and distributing assets, as well as negotiating with creditors and paying debts and taxes. Executors and trustees also regularly seek our advice on the selection and supervision of investment advisers, the valuation of closely held businesses and family limited partnerships, and on post-mortem income tax planning.

Snyder & Snyder maintains a significant practice in preparing tax returns. We actively work with executors and heirs to facilitate the filing of necessary federal estate tax and income tax returns. The broad accounting and tax expertise of our attorneys is an invaluable asset that often results in substantial tax savings.

Probate Contests And Guardianship Proceedings

The legal professionals at Snyder & Snyder understand that the death or mental incapacity of a beloved family member, whether anticipated or unexpected, is an experience filled with serious emotional burdens. We also understand that the legal costs and complexities associated with probate or guardianship proceedings can only serve to add to the family's emotional burden. In this highly sensitive time, our attorneys will assist you throughout the necessary probate and guardianship proceedings in a respectful and professional manner in order to insure that the legal processes are concluded expeditiously and with as little of an intrusion into your life and your family's time of grief as possible.

We have litigated probate disputes over holographic (handwritten) wills and other issues of validity, testamentary capacity or undue influence of beneficiaries. We have handled disputes over valuation of assets, missing property of the estate and breach of fiduciary duty. And we have represented family members in contested and uncontested commitment proceedings for temporary and permanent guardianship.

To discuss probate and estate matters with our experienced lawyer, call 972-702-9700 or contact Snyder & Snyder online.