Tax & Transactional Planning

When considering the impact of various personal and business transactions, our clients often find unanswered questions about how such transactions are impacted by the Internal Revenue Code. It is often necessary to consider and plan for the tax consequences which arise from such a personal or business transaction during the initial planning stages. The failure to consider such impacts can often create severe and unexpected tax consequences which might have been easily mitigated with a little planning.

Snyder & Snyder has extensive experience in structuring many personal and business transactions. Snyder & Snyder also has extensive experience with the Internal Revenue Code and the Internal Revenue Service treatment on various personal and business transactions. The Firm combines our experience in the practice of tax law and transactional law to provide our clients with highly focused analysis and guidance when considering the tax and non-tax aspects of personal and business transactions.

Snyder & Snyder can assist you with all the tax and transactional planning aspects which might arise when considering a transaction. The Firm advises clients on the ways in which various personal and business transactions can be structured and then assists clients with the execution of such transactions. The Firm also incorporates our knowledge of State, Federal, and international tax law in our counsel and advice regarding the various personal and business transactions being considered and helps our clients understand the choices available and the impact and consequences of each. The Firm also takes an active role in assisting clients with any compliance requirements imposed by the IRS to successfully implement the transaction.