Experienced Legal Backing For Tax Audits Or Tax Litigation

Most people have a healthy fear of the IRS, and there are indications that the Internal Revenue Service is ramping up audits, examinations and collections after two decades of relaxed enforcement. Coupled with more sophisticated transactions and electronic filing, there is a greater likelihood these days of being audited or clashing with the IRS over tax obligations.

The attorneys of Snyder & Snyder have been dealing with the IRS for 40 years, in tax audits, tax disputes and litigation. When we represent you or your business, we act not only as your guide through the IRS's confusing and intimidating procedures, but also as a buffer between you and the IRS. Our experience allows us to be effective advocates for clients in response and resolution when conflicts arise.

Stand Your Ground
Our Plano, Texas, law firm represents individuals and businesses statewide and nationwide. If you are at odds with the IRS or you are in their crosshairs, call us today.

Tax Audits And Controversies

We can assist you with a wide range of services related to resolving disputes with the IRS. Our attorney can counsel you in IRS examinations and audits, shepherding you through the frightening and bureaucratic process from start to finish. Our attorney can also help you negotiate payment of an IRS assessment using various options from a simple installment agreement to negotiating an Offer-in-Compromise.

Our extensive knowledge of the Tax Code and internal IRS procedures can help to slow or stop the IRS's harassing collection efforts. We have also had success with abatement of penalties and interest, which can grow to exceed the underlying tax debt. Snyder & Snyder is ready to take on the burdens of dealing with the IRS. While we cannot guarantee any particular result, we believe that our focused experience in the tax arena can improve your negotiating position and resolve a stressful situation sooner.

Experienced Tax Litigation Attorneys

After unsuccessfully exhausting all administrative appeals, a taxpayer may file suit to challenge the IRS's tax assessment or pursue relief for an erroneously denied deduction or claim for refund. Despite the perceived power of the IRS, federal court can level the playing field when you are represented by a skilled and prepared attorney.

Snyder & Snyder has successfully challenged the IRS's position on all manner of income tax, gift tax and estate tax matters. Depending on the facts, we may even be able to shift the financial burdens of the litigation onto the government. A suit against the IRS may be heard in one of three different courts: the United States Tax Court, United States District Court, and the United States Court of Federal Claims. Our lawyers have substantial experience in each of these venues (each independent and vastly different) and will identify the most favorable forum for your particular tax controversy. We evaluate the legal precedents governing your case and other critical factors in determining the optimal appeal strategy.

Take Action To Resolve Your Tax Problems

The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to settle your dispute with the IRS. By delaying you may inadvertently forfeit some of your rights and recourses for challenging the IRS's assessment or audit. If you have been notified of an audit or need to convince the IRS of the error of its ways, call us at 972-702-9700 or contact us online.